Who We Are?

Goyal Solar is founded by the team of Professional Engineers with a Vision to accelerate India towards Renewable ​Green Energy Revolution.The company has earned recognition for undertaking large Complex Projects, Fostering Innovation, embracing emerging technologies, & making a difference for their clients, Employees & Community.
As Sun has Consistent Nature to provide Sunlight, We Goyal Solar is also consistent to associate our clients with High Quality of Standards & services for all Solar Energy solutions.

Our Vision

To accelerate India towards Renewable
Green Energy Revolution by adopting
Clean Energy – SOLAR ENERGY

Our Mission

Our aim is to create the awareness
of solar Energy in India & to enable
Solar Photovoltaic Power System on
every Individual Rooftops in his
own capacity. we will

Savings after installing solar rooftop ?

After 2 Years

50% of your investment will be returned by this time. Eg: You invested  5 lac rs for solar rooftop installation then your savings on electricity bill would be about 2.5 lacs.

After 4 Years

100% of your investment is returned that is from now own your solar plant is free for you and you will enjoy free electricity .

After 10 Years

Your invested money will grow by 250% ie if you invested 5 lac rs in your solar rooftop plant till now your profit after invest is 7.5 lac i.e. (12.5 lac-5 lac= 7.5 lac)

After 25 Years

Life for solar rooftop plant is of 25 years so your saving by now would be around 500 % ie for every 1 lac you invested your profit is 5 lac