10 Kw Plant At Pethe Jewellers Kamptee

🌟 Powering Up Pethe Jewellers & their Residence with Solar Brilliance! 🌞💎 Thank you for choosing us to illuminate your spaces with sustainable energy! With Mahindra brand solar panels, we embark on a journey to greener horizons together.

Harnessing 5 kW each for both the shop and residence, we’re not just lowering electricity bills, but also nurturing our environment. 🌿 With precise engineering and elevated structures, every watt counts towards a brighter, cleaner future.

Kudos to the residential plant owner for securing a subsidy from the Central Government! 💰 Let’s shine brighter with solar energy, reducing our carbon footprint one watt at a time! ☀️ #SolarPower #SustainableLiving #GreenEnergy 💡🏠

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