21Kw Solar Power Plant At Shanti Bhawan Nagpur

Gratitude fills our hearts as we extend our deepest appreciation to the N. M. Budhrani Trust for entrusting us with the installation of a 21 kW solar power plant at Missionaries of Charity, Shantibhawan Nagpur. With unwavering trust in Exide brand solar panels and inverters, together, we illuminate the path towards sustainability and care.

This generous initiative not only lights up the lives of the elderly residents at this home but also brightens our environment’s future. By harnessing the power of solar energy, we not only reduce carbon footprints but also alleviate the burden of utility bills, easing the lives of our cherished elders. Thank you for choosing us as your partners in making a meaningful difference in our community and beyond. 🌞🏡💚 #SolarForACause #SustainableLiving #Gratitude 🌱🌍

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